Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5) Fabulous finds

More beautiful and unique things to share. I'm amazed on such creative talent. You got to buy handmade.

#19) Naked Jewelry Beautiful metal jewelry

#18) Seedling jewelry- beautiful jewelry

#17) RainbowLane- unique pocket mirror

#16) lizziboo- cute felt creations

Thursday, September 17, 2009

4) Fabulous Finds

I keep finding great handmade crafts to excite you. Some are simple, elegant, charming and unique. I thought this could help you when your Christmas shopping or need a gift for a special occasion. Instead of looking for a needle in a hay stack, visit these talented crafter's site and share some love.

#15) Jessejanes: Scrabble pendents

#14) Haannh's: hand painted batik fabric for fashion,sewing and home decor.

#13) Vintz, Chainmailler: Beautiful wired jewelry

#12) CDChilds: Stained glass

#11) BMBNcreations: creative tissue box covers

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2) Fabulous Finds: Handmade

These are made by other artists, friends and followers who create beautiful art, handmade crafts, adorable things. I thought you would like to see what special artist and crafters are making. You can find them on Etsy.com.

#10) taperstry316: Illustration and paintings

#9) loriforney: Cute denim purses and bags

#8) TerryAnn: Asian fabric purses, clutches, apron

#7) 88Links: Chainmaille jewelry

#6) terbearco: Custom Rubberstamps

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Business Helpful Sites

    I found these great site that can help you learn, market and improve your business.  
    Great helpful tips and advice.

    Seller Assisting sellers:
    Etsy and Crafter mentors to help with seller questions, Support and Friendship.

    If your an artist that needs a boost. Helpful and informative business advice.  Are you an artist who is going places?  ArtBizCoach.com can help you sell more art and get seen. There are articles, a free newsletter,
    Art Biz Reports, audio programs, and many art-marketing tools packed with valuable content.

    Great advice on how to increase and improve your business.  Marketing, newsletters, how to update your blog, press releases, and much more.  Get fairly price ebooks and ezine to help you succeed.  I did.
     - Great newsletter for follow up- market yourself, increase sales, $10 for 6 pre written editable word documents.

    Home Business Pack: How To Decide On A Business / Home Office Set Up / Time Management Tips / Marketing Tips / Become A Virtual Assistant /Sell Information Products / Become A Ghostwrite / Blogging As A Home Business / Become A Party Planner / Is Direct Sales For You / Start A Crafty Home Business / Become A Blog Designer
    Home and Family pack:  How To Throw A Great Picnic / Quick Tips For Earning Extra Money / Finding A Great Bargain / Ready To Save Money On Your Vacation? / Find Some Time To Relax / Quick Cleaning Tips / Little Ways To Save / Plan Ahead For Holiday Shopping / Health First: Make Exercise A Priority /Fiesta Night / SuperMom Is No Hero! / Cool Lunch Ideas That The Kids Will Love
    Informative forum where artist can speak about all things handmade. Gain support, promote each other and make friends.

    A family owned, photo reproducing company that creates beautiful Giclee prints, Giclee canvas prints, Metallic, Matt and Gloss print at reasonable prices.  I just love their Giclee prints- Looks just like the original watercolor paper.  The metallic are great for prints on my glitter art.  Check out iPrintfromHome's blog page or on Twitter for great Tuesday Tweets Treats of special and deals of free prints with minimum order. Tell them ArtisticWill sent you their way.  I get referral points.  

    A great knowledgeable guy with all marketing and business strategies. Has several million dollar companies.  Wonderful and helpful advice.  Clear and informative.  Quick Sprout has been featured in newspapers and magazines like the Wall Street JournalEntrepreneur, Inc, Business Week, Wired and USA Today.  He knows what he's talking about.  By subscribing to Quick Sprout you’ll be able to read about his mistakes, learn from them, and hopefully save yourself from losing a million dollars like he once did.  Over 10,000 readers are subscribing to the Quick Sprout RSS feed

    Monday, September 7, 2009

    1) Fabulous Finds: Handmade

    I'd like to share with you a variety of special artist, friends, followers, and creative individuals who have made some beautiful, creative and adorable items. Visit their shops, share what you found with others, and brighten their day. A little act of kindness can go a long way. With much gratitude for visiting. May your day be filled with beautiful finds, handmade crafts, and random acts of kindness.

    5) Laura Trevey, Watercolors

    4) Lori Dean Dyment, Watercolors, Illustrations

    3) TheHouseofMouse, Felt mice

    2) Florence Wang: Jewelry, Cross Stitching

    1) SusieArmoire: Beaded bookmarkers, Jewelry

    Learn to Identify a STROKE.

    My mom had a stroke a while back. I didn't understand what was happening to her. She couldn't speak or was able to walk. I called 911 to find out she had a mild stroke. She was hospitalized for several days. She's under my care 24/7. She has trouble walking and her left side is very weak. I want everyone who has an elderly parent or a love one to know the danger signs, they are having a stroke if they can't perform these tasks.
    Remember three steps.
    S- Ask the individual to SMILE
    R- Ask them to RAISE BOTH ARMS
    Lastly, ask the person to stick out their tongue- If it is CROOKED, or goes to one side
    CALL 911, describe the symptoms to the dispatcher

    I found this information on a stroke web site. A cardiologist says if every knew these warning signs, their love ones life could be saved.