Thursday, October 29, 2009

Online Marketplaces to Sell Crafts & Art

1) Etsy: Sign up is free, .20 cent list for 4 months/3.5% transaction fee when item sells.

2) Shopmandmade: Our service is free because it is advertiser sponsored. When you list an item you choose from one of several sponsors who will pay us the 25¢ listing fee. The more items you list, the more money we make…but not from you.
  • Commission: You can choose any commission you wish. 0% is fine. eBay charges 12%. You pick what you think is fair. We thank you if you do. 

  • Rainforest protection: Choose to pay 10¢ or 25¢ to help protect the rainforest…which you pay only when your item sells. It's optional, but it's a good thing. 

  • Galleries: You can list items in our Galleries. Items sell well without being listed in them, really. Our strong advice is to not list in galleries until you have become an experienced seller. They are not necessary.

3) Madeitmyself:  Listing is still FREE, countdown to SELLING FEES has begun. NOTE: All fees will be waived until further notice. If you receive an invoice, please contact and we will be sure to negate any charges.

Listing fees per item:

30 days = $0.05
60 days = 
120 days = 
180 days = 
Commission fees per item: 3% flat rate
Listing fees apply when an item is listed (or multiple quantities of items are listed) onto Commission charges take place only when an item is sold.
(e.g. You are selling 20 of the same item, 20 listing charges will apply.)

4) ArtFire: Online Marketplace. Free basic shop/ Full featured account@$12 month.  No transaction listing, and no hidden fees. 

5) ArtFlock: Place to sell Artwork, illustration, potters, jewellers, sculptur, painter,photography, etc...There is a small commission fee against each item sold as follows:
• 3.5% for items sold through your Website Publisher site
• 5% for items sold through
• 15% for items sold through (an interiors site – you are able to opt our of this option)

6) CafeHandmade: Virtual Craft Show.  Special savings- 13 wks:$25, 2 wks:47.00, 4 wks $10.00
Vitual Booth: 
  • A row of 5 pictures sized 650×132. note: If you choose to create your own booth image, please also include single pictures for us to use in our marketing and/or other places throughout the site.
  • Shop name.
  • Description of your work.
  • Links to your “Around the web” information, ie: Shop, Blog, Twitter
  • Dedicated URL for your Virtual Booth accessible for the duration of your reservation.
7) FuzzB: $5 month, $25 year (till end of 2009), No hidden fees, listing, final sale fees. Will pay you a buck for every new  member  you bring in.

8) Handmadecraftshow: Virtual Craft Show.  Over 110,00 visitor to the site
Rent A Booth  Regular Sized Booth That Are Placed On Main Aisles A thru C
Main Aisles:

         Aisle A $14.95/month

         Aisle B $12.95/month (Rent 15 weeks for $30.00)

         Aisle C $12.95/month (Rent 15 weeks for $30.00)

         Aisle D $12.95/month (Rent 15 weeks for $30.00)

        *Add Your Etsy Mini To Your Booth For An Additional $1.00

  Etsy Mini Booth – $4.95/month

 Artist Spotlight:  Without Booth Rental $9.95/month

                            With Booth Rental $6.95/month

1 yr One Way Link Exchange: $2.95/year

 Artist Exhibit: FREE

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