Saturday, February 20, 2010

Caregiver's journal, 2/21/10

Hello, Thank you to all who have come by and continue to give support and prayers. Life has been rough lately. My 86 yr. old mother has middle stages of Alzheimer's. My mother does have some good days and some really bad days. It's hard at time when she doesn't even remember my name, even if I care for her daily. It's been an experience caring for her.
She's become the child and I've become the parent. Her life is simple, with no care or worries. She looks at life through a child's eyes. Things are fresh and new. She happy to attend "senior day care" 2x a week to see her new friends and teachers (administrators), smiles with ice cream smeared across her face as she eats her dessert, happily eats snacks throughout the day, regrets she soils her clothes with food she ate for lunch, stops to touch flowers, and is proud she went to the bathroom all on her own (it's potty training from the very beginning).
I'm glad I have this time with her, even if it is difficult. It's something that I can never get back once she passes.

I've gotten some extra help with caring for my mom, which has giving me some rest and time for my art.
I apologize for not posting on Etsy or on this blog very often, but my time is very limited. I've created new pieces that is sure to please. Enjoy.

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  1. My heart goes out to you. I pray for you and your mother that you may both have peace and blessed days together. My Aunt and my Mother took care of my Grandmother and Grandfather in those days. They were in their 90's and I know there were many challenging days but there were also many blessings on that bumpy road.
    Grace and Peace to you. God Bless you.