Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Sara Valor!
She wins this beautiful red beta fish paperweight. Paperweight size is 2" x 2" x1/2", art is encased with glass and sits in a gold tone base.
I collected all the names, wrote them down and my son pulled her named out of a hat.
It helped, she stuffed the box it many repeated twitter "tweets".
There's never any losers. New friends can receive email regarding upcoming giveaways and discounts toward some beautiful glitter art and I can increase my mailing list.
Sara: Please email me your address, so I can send this sparkling glitter prize.
Contact email:

Check back often for new and different giveaways, more handmade finds, or new glitter designs I've created.
Thank you to everyone who participated.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

12) Let's go window shopping, more goodies

#52) StygianChains: Chaimmilled jewelry

#51) KandioDesigns: jewelry

#50) catmacdesigns: felt animals, birdhouses, jewelry

#49) meeabee: cute fabric tote bags

#48) madebyswirlygirl: handmade blank note cards made with matted photo art

#47) endofthedaycrafting: Scrapbook crafting supplies, punched papers, cute paper dolls

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crafts sites worth a try

Hello everyone.
I found these cool crafts sites. It's FREE to join. They're a community to supporters of all things handmade. They can help promote, give support, and has great incoming traffic. Plus, you can meet some very creative people and make new friends. I'm a member to all of these sites. Come join the fun.
Click on the buttons on the right.

HandmadeArtistsForum- you can have an online shop for only $1.00 a month for 3 month, limited time only.
Normally it's $5.00 per month with unlimited posting. Get a new shop if your don't have one.
You can join the forums for discussions, post photos and make new friends.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Caregiver's journal, 3/16/10

The days have been extremely difficult. I try to keep a smile on my face and keep a positive disposition, but some days I just want to cry.
My mom's Alzheimer's disease is getting worse, she's slowly becoming a stranger. She gets lost in our house, see stranger's in her room (mirrored doors), has accidents more often than not, and there are days when she doesn't know who I am.
Normally I'm a optimist who sees the good in things in the worst situations. Therefore, what I'm getting out of this heart wrenching experience is a new way to look at life, how to fragile life is and how we need to cherish very minute. I concentrate on the good instead of the bad situation I've been given.

I heard things happen for a reason to improve our lives.
By praying daily - I've gotten closer to God
I needed the exercise to decreased my stress - I lost weight, now I can fit into my skinny jeans.
Mopping and cleaning the bathroom accidents daily or change bedding - I've becoming a better housekeeper.
Doing tons of laundry of soiled clothes - improved my laundry skills.
When the chips are down, depression set in - I know I've can find strength and courage deep in my soul to get me through the next day.

I've learned to go with the flow of hallucinations, aggressions, total memory loss to having a new name daily. It's hard, but my mother doesn't know why she says what she says, or she doesn't make sense. She become to small child caught in adult's body. So, I try to make light of things and make her happy with the time she has left.
Thank you for your kindness and support. Hugs for everyone.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

11) Window Shopping finds

#46) Carlabeads: lampworks glass beads

#45) Ctbydonna: jewerly

#44) allinthefamilyart: polyimer clay pins, pet tags

#43) jmliss: hand drawn art on stones

#42) LusciousLather: Body soaps

10) Unique art and craft goodies

More unique, innovative, and creative handmade pieces.
#44) BonnieBoden: Nature Photography

#43) massmans: exotic wooden bowls, wine stoppers, and kaleidoscopes

#42) KandiceinWonderland: tiny books, photos albums, keepsake boxes

#41) HouseProtraitsPlus: watercolors of homes and nature

#40) DasiyCandles50: Gel candles and hand painted wine glasses.

Caregiver's journal 3/1/10

Hello. Thank you for prayers and kind words of encouragement. Somedays I feel I can't go on, then someone or something someone said or did: picks me up, dust me off, lends a hand or gently pushes me in the right direction, send encouraging words and support.

I try not to think of the hardship or my elderly mother's decline. I think about the time we have together, and know life has given me an opportunity for laughter instead of heartaches.

Mom will say,

1)"My fingers are icky sticky", (she finished eating with her fingers, or rest her hand in her dessert bowl of ice cream), It's okay-let's wash your hands.

2) "I went to the bathroom all by myself", (she stuffed while half a roll of toilet paper in her pants, and a huge puddle on the floor), the floor needed mopping.

3) "I dress myself, I did it right?", (her clothes upside down or inside out), Let's change your clothes, you look silly.

4) "I don't understand why my sleeve is wet", (she like resting her hand in a bowl of soup), Well, it was time to change her shirt anyways.

Remember to turn life's messes into something worth smiling about.

Thank you everyone for caring. Best wishes to everyone who visits and takes the time to read my blog.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Glitter Giveaway-March

Glitter Art Giveaway.

March Contest- names chosen by March 30th

Red Beta Fish Paperweight 2" x 2"x1/2"

  1. Just enter your name, email address and birthday.
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post on your favorite item from my shop.
  3. Items with the most post from my shop will be next for the contest giveaway.
  4. You may be getting an email that you won. WInner selected at random.
  5. Good luck to all who participates.