Monday, April 19, 2010

Helpful business site

James Dillehay has a created a great video series on "The 10 Most Asked Questions About Selling Crafts and the 10 Questions You Should Be Asking." There are 20 videos in this course. He has given his permission for everyone to access his FREE videos, on this blog. Please pass the word to others come by to view theses helpful videos.
You can learn about many different craft issues.
1) "Where can I find ideas for crafts to make and sell?"
2) "How can I make my crafts stand out?"
3) "Where can I sell my crafts?"
4) "Where can I sell my crafts where there is little or no competition?"
5) "What are the best selling crafts?"
6-20) More helpful tips.

James has created a great crafter community for crafts and artist called "" Join forums, post photos or contest, make friends, and learn where public opportunities for exposures are available. Come by and become my friend on the site.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

14) More handmade finds

#60) PIFS: "Pay It Forward" Movement. PIF is where you list 1 item for the price of Etsy’s listing fee plus add in shipping. The PIF is a random act of kindness used to inspire others to do good for another in exchange for something in our shop. What a wonderful idea. Items $2-$3.

#59) mattscraftywife: knitted cup liners, great for keeping beverages warm.

#58) PatsyMole: Hnad crafted cards with personality, paper lady with pets

#57) AudreyGardenLady: jewerly

#56) pawintheair: knitted scarves, coasters, baby blankets

Caregiver's Journal 4/10

Time caring for mom seems to get more and more difficult. She has some good days, but mostly bad days. I try not let the bad upset me, so I think of each situation in a humorous manner and enjoy it with laughter. At lease she creative.
1) Mom sees thing that aren't there. She has mirrored doors in her room. She found a new friend in her room, she'll say: " There's lady in my room who doesn't eat or talk. I tried sharing my cookies with her, but she throw it on the floor." She doesn't understand that it's her own reflection, when she gives the reflection a cookie and drops it, she thinks the person has thrown to the ground.
2) My son has a large backpack for Boy Scouts for his hiking trips. One day my mom saw the backpack on the living room floor. "How did we get a car into the living room?"
3) We had elephants in the entry way (a large box we were going to throw out) , snakes in the bedroom (single sock on the floor), strange people coming and going (my kids she doesn't recognize).

Meal time: Meals began to get interesting. She put her bread in her apple sauce and can't understand why it taste funny, she puts in her peas in her tea-"There's weird stuff floating inside my cup". She adds strawberries to her soup. Eats bananas together with her sandwiches. She doesn't like assistance when I try to help. My husband says mom has created her own gourmet meals with a twist.

For one thing life is not dull with caring for an elderly parent. Remember life can always be worst, take things in stride with a smile on your face. Thanks for the support and prayers.

caregiver's journal 3/10

March 2010

I finally had one week off of caring for my elderly mother. My sister offered helped to care for mom for one week. It was so nice to get some free time. My husband give a a great early 20th wedding anniversary, we went to a SPA. It was so nice to soak in the mineral baths, salt baths and get a full body massage. I haven't felt that relaxed in a long time. I didn't realized I needed much pampering and someone take care of me. It was a wonderful experience. I got refreshed, rejuvenated, and refueled. I can become a better caregiver and help my mom live her life for the better.

Now, my mom's back home, wish my vacation didn't have to end. At least I know I can have some free to time for myself and not feel guilty about it. I've always heard that on planes they tell you, "You must use the oxygen mask for yourself, before it is administer to others. Your no good to anyone, if you don't care for your self first". I have to stop caring for other for a short while, so that I can care for my self. What a concept. Thank to all who continue to send support.

Caregiver's journal 2/10

February 2010

Thank you to all who send prayer and sent support. My prayers were answered, I got extra help this week. My sister had been out of the picture most of this caregiving journey, but lately she wanted to help with mom. I was shocked and surprised. It's not much- only one week every month or so, but I'm not complaining. It's better than nothing.

I can get a break to refuel and rest, till mom comes back home. In the beginning I didn't know how to relax, I constantly watched the clock waiting for bathroom duty or when I had to get her ready for bed, check the laundry baskets for laundering, etc.. It's a strange feeling not having my own time for so long, then finally getting some. Yeah, now I can concentrate more on business, posting, making friends and spreading some joy.

I ordered a new pretty purple sweater vest for my mom. I actually had time to shop, not just window shop.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

13) Unique Finds: handmade crafts

#55) SundayRose: Innovative fabrics purses

#54) Kitzbitz: Lampwork beads and silver jewelry

#53) Helenpuck: cross stitched and scrabble pendents

#52) Patsdesigns: pet tag, charms, pendents