Sunday, April 18, 2010

Caregiver's Journal 4/10

Time caring for mom seems to get more and more difficult. She has some good days, but mostly bad days. I try not let the bad upset me, so I think of each situation in a humorous manner and enjoy it with laughter. At lease she creative.
1) Mom sees thing that aren't there. She has mirrored doors in her room. She found a new friend in her room, she'll say: " There's lady in my room who doesn't eat or talk. I tried sharing my cookies with her, but she throw it on the floor." She doesn't understand that it's her own reflection, when she gives the reflection a cookie and drops it, she thinks the person has thrown to the ground.
2) My son has a large backpack for Boy Scouts for his hiking trips. One day my mom saw the backpack on the living room floor. "How did we get a car into the living room?"
3) We had elephants in the entry way (a large box we were going to throw out) , snakes in the bedroom (single sock on the floor), strange people coming and going (my kids she doesn't recognize).

Meal time: Meals began to get interesting. She put her bread in her apple sauce and can't understand why it taste funny, she puts in her peas in her tea-"There's weird stuff floating inside my cup". She adds strawberries to her soup. Eats bananas together with her sandwiches. She doesn't like assistance when I try to help. My husband says mom has created her own gourmet meals with a twist.

For one thing life is not dull with caring for an elderly parent. Remember life can always be worst, take things in stride with a smile on your face. Thanks for the support and prayers.

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  1. Yep - I agree! It's all about attitude. My mom was very creative, too ;-) And she laughed at my poorly told jokes - over and over! It's the blessed little moments =)