Monday, April 19, 2010

Helpful business site

James Dillehay has a created a great video series on "The 10 Most Asked Questions About Selling Crafts and the 10 Questions You Should Be Asking." There are 20 videos in this course. He has given his permission for everyone to access his FREE videos, on this blog. Please pass the word to others come by to view theses helpful videos.
You can learn about many different craft issues.
1) "Where can I find ideas for crafts to make and sell?"
2) "How can I make my crafts stand out?"
3) "Where can I sell my crafts?"
4) "Where can I sell my crafts where there is little or no competition?"
5) "What are the best selling crafts?"
6-20) More helpful tips.

James has created a great crafter community for crafts and artist called "" Join forums, post photos or contest, make friends, and learn where public opportunities for exposures are available. Come by and become my friend on the site.

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