Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Caregiver's Journal 7/20/10

LIfe has been getting more difficult caring for my mother. I'm exhausted all the time by driving her to lab test, doctor's visits, plus looking into placing her in a nursing home. It's amazing how different homes can very, from very nice with "NO" open beds to terrible and depressing. I visited over 15 homes to find a place for mom. Most the beds were not available, only rehab, to disgusting. My mom is having difficulty swallowing and is loosing weight. This is one of the late stages of Alzheimer's disease. This is very dangerous because the elderly can choke on food causing death.

Sometimes I look at my sales and visitors, looks like my business took a nose dive. That's ok, it was meant to be on hiatus, since I needed the time to care for my sick mom.
I know I can hit he floor running, bring my business back to what it was or better. I have tone of new ideas waiting to be drawn and painted with glitter. What do you think of exotic birds, dogs, baby announcements and sympathy designs, and teacher's gifts? Please refer my site to other who may want to see glitter used in a totally different way. Thank you for all the support, friendship, and care my many online friends have given me. I'm very blessed.

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