Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Etsy Giveaway

Hi everyone. I'm on Etsy Giveaway. It's great place to post "Giveaways" from etsy community. If you a have a contest or giveaway post your contest for FREE. Come join the fun.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

17) Finding Beautiful Creations

76) BarbarasPics: Beautiful and serene nature photography.

75) LGraceOriginals: Stunning and detailed watercolors painting.

74) MakingTheBestOfIt: Heat enamel painted glassware.

73) ArtAngel: Painted art on canvas for home decor

72) MemoriesinMosaics: Beautiful mosaic made from broken plates. Innovative and one-of-a-kind pieces.

71) JewerlybyNaLa: Hand crafted jewelry creations with wire, beads, and Czech glass beads

Caregiving journal 8/21/10

I'm sorry if my journaling about my mom bores some of my visitors. When I write, it's part of me, it helps me and to gives me peace of mind. Thank you for all who have given there support during this difficult time. I try to stay positive, but I have to relearn how to relax and not be a full time caregiver. I've been on auto pilot for so long that I don't know how to relax. Just to watching TV or working on my art has been difficult, I feel as if I need to check on her constanly and to see if she needs assistance or needs anything. My kids have to remind me she no longer in the house. When I visit her at the nursing home, she keeps saying, I abandoned her and threw her away. It breaks my heart. It's hard, because she doesn't understand or can't remember what I told her on the last visits.
Finding new unique crafts, jewelry, art has helps me to relax. I'm an artists with a passion for beautiful creations and handmade. Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Caregiving Journal 8/21/10

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming back. It's nice to have a loyal following. The days have been difficult dealing with placing my mother in a home. I know it is the best place for her due to her condition, but it's hard dealing with guilt. I visit her 2-3x a week. I've read, if a nursing home patient receives visitors often, they tend to do better than those that don't. She cries wanting to go back home, when I visit. I try to be strong, and tell her that it's too dangerous for her to return home due to her choking. Her response is, "What choking, I never choke on my food, I'm healthy and well." She doesn't remember most incidents due to her Alzheimer's disease. She believes she can do anything as capable person could do, yet she get frustrated when she can't even remember how to basic needs as brushing her teeth, how to swallow, or even getting words out correctly to make a sentence. Thank you to everyone's love and support during this difficult time in my life.

Now that mom has gone into a home, I have a little more time on my hands. I'm trying to rebuild my business. If anyone enjoys my sparkling glitter art and what I do, PLEASE mention it to friends and family. It's been said, word of mouth is the best form of compliment, I thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart.

I've found some more beautiful finds, this time it's all jewelry. All jewelry lover, visit these wonderful shops and share some love. Sending best wishes to all.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to school, Giveaway- Daisy Paperweight

Come and enter to get a free "Back to School Giveaway", you deserve a gift that's truly out of the ordinary made with sparkling glitter and hours of dedication.
Win a hand painted glitter Daisy paperweight, artwork encased under glass and sits in a gold tone base, 2" x 2" diameter.

Giveaway Rules:

1) Enter first name, email address and your business link= 1 entry

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If you feel uncomfortable leaving your email for all to see, you can sent it to me by clicking on the contact button at the top. I will never give it out to anyone. Strictly for my mailing list.

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Good luck to everyone. Please spread the shimmer of glitter to all your friends. Anyone can win a beautiful hand painted glitter artwork for FREE. Visit often. Thanks for visiting. Good Luck.

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16) Unique Beautiful Jewelry

#70) Chainmaillie By MBOI: Intricate and beautiful handmade chainmaille jewelry

#69) ZurDesigns: innovative and fashionable handcrafted jewerly, using high quality materials such as sterling silver, gold, and gemstones

#68) bythebead: Lampwork glass, polymer clay, natural stone and other unusual beads crafted into unique, colorful earrings, pendants and bracelets

#67) HoneyFromTheBee: Beautiful elegant jewelry made with agate, silver, coral, etc...

#66) 2goodclaymate: Hand made beads & buttons specializing in animal prints