Saturday, September 11, 2010

Helpful business sites

1) Free Craft Fair: FREE online craft directory, a great resource for crafters. You can find wonderful items as jewelry, paper crafts, knitting sewing and other crafts as well. You can find info on craft shows, resources and how to videos.

2) Tools4etsy: A fun and advertise for FRE, for anything Etsy. You can see your shop's info, hearts, feedback ratings tags, treasury, directory and views all in one place. Increase exposure. Come view great items.

3) Luna Craft: A website dedicated to crafters. Directory on crafter blogs, craft business sites, craft websites and tip and info.

4) ProjectWonderful: Low fee advertising free, couple cents to several dollars depending on what site you want to advertise with. You set what you want to pay and where you want your ad to be.

5) Vistaprints: Free Business Cards to low fees

6) Moo Cards: Create your personalized Business Cards, mini cards, and cards

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  1. Thanks so much for all the information. Great sites to explore.