Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Interview with Candle Sweetie, and March Give-away

Win a "COKE" candle. Smells like the real thing.

Candle Sweetie's samples:

My lovely friend from CraftsU creates beautiful candle desserts and treats has agreed to be interviewed for my March Giveaway. She has been award "New Artist Award" and won a couple of ribbon for her innovative candles, plus was awarded prize money. She has graciously offers one of her "Coke" soda candle as a giveaway prize, $12.95 value.
A winner will be selected, winner will be contacted for an address, and CandleSweetie will mail out the winning prize.
How to enter to WIN
1) Write a comment below CandleSweetie's interview.
Contest will runs till March 25, 2011, 12 midnight PST. Winner will notified shortly after.
Open to legal residents of the USA only.
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Interview with Candle Sweetie

1) Name of Company: Candle Sweetie

2) Website URL:

3) What do you make: Delicious Granny Scented Dessert Style Candles

4) Why did you start your business and when: Actually I still consider Candle Sweetie my hobby not so much a business, before I became disabled my career was in franchise development for a major franchise chains. In 2004, one of my then franchisee client gifted me a beautiful blueberry pie. As a "candle connoinsseur” I was in AWE of the creation I had never seen anything like it before! I adored it so much; until I held onto the pie candle for two years, preserving it in a lovely decorative pie dish before ever burning it! Soon after, I wanted another one! A friend gifted me that blueberry pie had since passed away. I searched and searched the internet looking to purchase more. The holidays were approaching and I desperately wanted a candle pie to enhance the dining room table!

Researching the internet, I located and called a woman listed in CA. She was an elderly woman, and she that due to her age and all she had recently decided to no longer make candles. I told her how very much I adored my candle pie, that I had received as a gift and desperately wanted another. She agreed to make me a blueberry pie. I was elated! Just as we were completing the call she said to me: “you know...we need more young people to get involved with making specialty candles". Candle makers are dying off and specialty candles will soon be a thing of the past she said. She proceeded on to tell me how she could sense something about me. Your voice she’s something about your voice she said... I BELIEVE you would be a great candidate to make special candles" Me, I said? She said Yes you…I was already dabbing in making jar candles and was somewhat familiar with only paraffin wax. So, I thanked her and paid her for the pie candle.

She insisted that she would include with my order an empty wax pie shell, wax fruit and some gel wax. I received a box from Ms Anita. The blueberry pie she made me seemed more beautiful than the one I had been gifted. She did indeed include the supplies mentioned along with a note requesting that I call her following the holidays and she would coach me through how to make a simple fruit pie using gel wax, this was going to take place mind you over the phone if I were interested!

I called Ms Anita back and we began a dialogue. I followed her instructions. She instructed me to take pictures and email them to her. Well the critiquing begain! She boldly expressed what I did and didn't do. You must turn the peaches this way, turn the fruit that way now…take it apart she told me! Re-melt the gel wax and start over again! And I did! Carefully; I placed the fruit pieces according to her teaching critiques. After which I emailed those pictures, later that evening we spoke again. Much better she said! This time your grade is a B, borderline B+!
That inspiration from Ms Anita; a total stranger basically encouraged the anointing that was already there..I just wasn’t aware that I had artistic, or crafty abilities residing within me. That act of kindness is what truly gave birth to my now Candle Sweetie!

I decided to learn as much as I could on my own about the subject of candling: The different types of wicks, waxes, and fragrances. I’ve experienced my share of blunders trial and errors along the way
I literally begin dreaming of how to make candle desserts. I started making and gifting family and friends. Soon friends and friends of friends began asking for my candle creations.

I am eternally grateful and thankful to God, who provides me the vision along with the serious passion I have for Candle Sweetie Dessert Style Candles!

5) Where your located or sell off line: I am located in Maryland. For the most part my candles are sold via word of mouth; I have a ton of repeat customers who seem to favor my candles as anytime gifts. I sell via my web site, craft shows and other venues

6) What is your best selling product: Top five best sellers are: Cokes, Apples, Apple Pie, Strawberry Shortcakes and Vanilla Pound Cake

7) What inspires you to create tasty creative candle cakes: I'm glad you asked! When we are on the road doing shows the reaction I get from the people. Their total disbelief that my candles are not real desserts it's that WOW FACTOR which keeps me inspired!

8) Any new designs: Yes. As of this year I’ve introduced a new line "Sweet Looking Wickless Candles" Safe, sweet fake food candles.
The typical reaction we get from customers is...they smell and look too good to burn I’ll never burn it! LOL...thus Sweet Looking was incorporated. Additionally I have select amount of customers who doll up their home with my “fake food” candle treats.

9) What can you donate to the giveaway: "Coke" Soda Candle that looks and smells like the real thing. Delivered in a 12 ounce glass. The cola drink is made with Gel wax a slow burning candle. These are designed to enjoy illumination of a glittery slow burning Gel wax candle The PERFECT Gift for Cola Lovers!

10) Contact info or email address: Email me to:


  1. What an inspiring story! I love it! Follow something you love. You should be proud of your creations!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I follow ArtisticWill on Facebook and her Blog!

  3. I checked out the website and shared it on Facebook! All the best!

  4. Thanks Tammy for entering and telling your friends about Candle Sweeties "Coke" candle giveaway.