Sunday, February 27, 2011

On Facebook- Links to promote your shop

My friend Mr. Dewayne Williams, graciously offered these links to help other crafters and artists on Facebook. He has allowed me to share them with you. He states these links have helped him get sales on his etsy shop. When used, these several links will increase your Facebook pages and your shops presence and have more visibility on the internet.

Most of these groups are very popularly visited sites. You can post a link to your site and leave a comment about it at the top of the pages,. You can feature one of your art pieces by placing a link to that piece and leave a comment about it. You can post or feature other peoples items or shop and there is an automatic link to your shop included. (Here is a good place to post those friends shop or items that have helped you along the way). You will gain wonderful friends to "Like" you by viewing and commenting on other peoples posts and comments. It is really a great community to belong to.

His recommendation is that you use the these links at least once a week to post either an item in your shop or your shop itself. In addition be courteous to those that you will find, help you and your sales and post/feature their shop once in awhile. If you use all of these links, you can do it in 15 minutes or less. Can you afford 15 minutes a week to grow your business? If so you will reap the benefits without a doubt in his mind.

Here is an additional bonus: The following link is to a page that its primary purpose is to promote every Tuesday those shops with zero or close to zero sales. That means if you have not had a lot of luck with sales yet, here is a special page for you. The link is: The people you meet are great. They all want you to succeed, and that is what will happen.

He is offering these sites to solely to help you grow in visibility and sales. He love the etsy community and the facebook etsy community.

P.S.: If you visit any of these sites it would be nice for the group to know who referred you. If you refer anyone please ask them to let the groups know who referred them as well. The groups will appreciate it.

Please share the love back to Mr. Dewayne Williams who creates beautiful wood scrolled artwork, paintings, and illustrations.


  1. Hi,
    I found you through Martha's D and Doer's :)

  2. Thanks for visiting. Hope the links helps you on Facebook.