Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mother's Day Contest: Fish or Flower?

Mother's Day Contest. What do you want for Mother's Day- a glitter "Clown Fish" or "Daffodil Flower" pendant?

Come vote for your choice. Do you love the "Clown Fish" or "Daffodil Flower" glitter pendant? The glitter pendant is hand-painted with glitter and is placed in a one inch silver plated pendant base. The glitter art is protected by a glaze coating. (not waterproof, not for children). Chain not included, only for display on photo.
The glitter pendant with the most votes will be given away for Mother's Day to a lucky reader. Contest ends May 6, 2011. Winner will be notified on Mother's Day. Winner selected by $25.00 Value.
Martha Stewart "Likes" the Daffodil pendant (stated on Facebook) What do you like?

Rule: (Manitory to enter #1, #6, #7)
1) Name and contact info, or join my mailing list at the bottom of the page.
2) Join my blog, love to have as a friend.
4) Follow me on Twitter:
5) If your already a fan- please share with your friends.
6) Choice of "Clown Fish" or "Daffodil Flower".
7) Leave a comment on what you did.
8) Good Luck - Happy Mother's Day
9) Enjoy viewing talented artists and crafters, you may find a perfect Mother's Day gift

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Custom Artwork for a great oragnization

I created this custom artwork of a friends with a great organization. Her company is called "Enchanted Makeovers" which helps improve living spaces for the less fortunate. Her newest cause is for "Alternative for Girls", a shelter to help enhance the lives of young women. If anyone who would love to help, help is always needed by monetary, donations of goods or time. The art is painted with multiple layers of sparkling glitter in a stained glass style.

EnchantedMakeovers: Enchanted Makeovers is an internationally non-profit organization that transforms shelters for women and children into places of peace and possibilities—not just where basic needs are met, but also spiritual needs for hope and beauty.

Artists and crafters items wanted for celebrities gift bags

Calling all artists and crafters. Want your handcrafted item in the hands of celebrities for the big Hollywood award show gift lounge. A friend is part of an organization that gives artwork to celebrities gift bags for the Grammy, MTV Awards, Daytime Awards, Sundance Film Festival, etc..

This company is non-profit, has been in the business for several years, has a good track record, and represents artists from around the world. She know she business inside and out. You can purchase small packages $50 to only have our business card included into these gift bags, to a spot on the display table for $$$. (caution regarding others that are profit based). The fee may seem high, but this fee is broken down so several artists can participate, this is to helps artists be part of an expensive spot on a gift lounge, costing up to $5000 or more.
Celebrities visits these gift lounges to receive specialty gift bags called "SWAGS". Some will even take photos with items displayed. Visit their site, read what is available, and make your decision. It's a great opportunity and you'll gain exposure. I was invited to join this group with m glitter art, it's very exciting. I'm not participating at the moment due to financial issues, but will in the future. Best wishes to you if you join.