Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mother's Day Contest: Fish or Flower?

Mother's Day Contest. What do you want for Mother's Day- a glitter "Clown Fish" or "Daffodil Flower" pendant?

Come vote for your choice. Do you love the "Clown Fish" or "Daffodil Flower" glitter pendant? The glitter pendant is hand-painted with glitter and is placed in a one inch silver plated pendant base. The glitter art is protected by a glaze coating. (not waterproof, not for children). Chain not included, only for display on photo.
The glitter pendant with the most votes will be given away for Mother's Day to a lucky reader. Contest ends May 6, 2011. Winner will be notified on Mother's Day. Winner selected by $25.00 Value.
Martha Stewart "Likes" the Daffodil pendant (stated on Facebook) What do you like?

Rule: (Manitory to enter #1, #6, #7)
1) Name and contact info, or join my mailing list at the bottom of the page.
2) Join my blog, love to have as a friend.
4) Follow me on Twitter:
5) If your already a fan- please share with your friends.
6) Choice of "Clown Fish" or "Daffodil Flower".
7) Leave a comment on what you did.
8) Good Luck - Happy Mother's Day
9) Enjoy viewing talented artists and crafters, you may find a perfect Mother's Day gift


  1. They're both beautiful, Haruka, but I have an extra special love for daffodils ... ;)

  2. I love the daffodil as well it looks like a stained glass window and daffodils flower in Australia around Mother's day!

  3. My name is Karen, and my email is My choice would be the Daffodil flower, though both are really pretty!

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  5. Hello, just shared on Facebook
    Following you !

  6. Great job! I love your work! I love them both but I choose the daffodil flower. My contact info is


  7. daffodil flower for sure!

  8. 1) join your mailing list
    2) Join your blog
    3) already a fan
    4) I am Following you on Twitter
    5) I shared your link with friends
    6) My choice is the Daffodil Flower

    Lisa-HR Creative Design

  9. Thank you everyone for joining my contest. Everyone here loves the Daffodil. Many of my friends on Facebook likes the clown fish. Thanks for sharing to your friends. I really appreciate it.

  10. fish or flower - either would work - daffodil is my daughter's birth month flower and she's a pisces - she'll get it if I win - I'm going to choose flower - going to follow you on twitter and here. cool contest!

  11. Hi ArtisticWill! I am you newest follower :) Congratulations on your work, it's beautiful! You are a very talented artist!