Monday, May 30, 2011

Innovative Creations that are out of the ordinary

I keep finding great innovative handmade items for you to enjoy, check out these creative individuals for graduation of Dad's day gifts. Wonderful creation that are out of the ordinary.

Pye Squire: Cutting Art

Intricate paper cutting art made with one sheet of paper, just amazing and beautiful.

Rokki Fashion Handbags: Handbags from old books. A great way to recycle old books creating unique handbags with character.

Amber Kane: Fabericatedend- scarves and jewelry, beautifully crafted with find details.

VickieDianeDesigns: Jewelry, love the color combinations of beads and wire.

Mandy Von See: Team Candy Sucker- molded university and college mascot lollipops. Creative idea making lollipops for colleges and sport fans.

Mother's Day Winner Lisa Rubin

Ms Lisa Rubin of HR Creative Design Studio is the winner of my Mother's Day contest. Ms Lisa chose a Orange Daffodil pendant as the prize, and posted a very nice write up on her winner gift on her blog. . She create wonderful stationary designs, visit her shop on etsy:
Thank you and congratulations on winning the Daffodil pendant and participating in my contest.

Written on hendersonrubincreative's blog:

Special Feature~ArtisticWill Studios

I went to my mailbox this morning to check the mail. I was hoping to see a package waiting for me. Sure enough it was there! How fun to get a package in the mail, especially when you know it’s from a great artisan like my friend Haruka. She is the sweetest person you will ever have the pleasure to meet. She creates beautiful hand-painted glitter keepsakes. Thank you to the fabulous ArtisticWill Studios for the wonderful daffodil pendant. I love how it sparkles. I love my beautiful necklace and I am so glad that I could share my experience with you. Please check her out and