Sunday, November 13, 2011

Artists goes to Hollywood, celebrities gifting

Creative individuals worth looking into. Hollywood celebrities own items by these talented artists, don't you want what the celebrities have? "IndiExhibit" (Independent Exhibitors) talented individuals gifting to celebrities on major Hollywood Award shows as Golden Globe, American Music Awards, Emmys, MTV awards, etc...

1) Shannon Rene' "Shaz" Justice: Illustrations -
2) Kerry White,KRW Designs: Graphics, novelist-
3) Sheryl Checkman: Life Is Balance® T-shirt -
4) Win Kelly Charles: photography-,
5) Tracy Cook Swartz: Gourd paintings-
6) Lisa Hafapea Mayette">Gift Shop
7) Amere Mortal-
8) Ann Brynt: Sunrise Designs Online- jewelry
9) Joanna Kirsch Nagle: jewelry-
10) Miquette Bishop. OM by miquette, clay tokens-
11) Carol Fedora Creech: Pet portraits, house portraits, botanicals illustrations
12) Diane Clancy: paintings, FimoClay designs-
13) Nia M. Brown: The Black Cameo, graphics designs-
14) Peter Fairfax: painitings-
15) Nora Blansett: Borealis Art, designs-
16) Dominique McDonough, Noteable Expressions-
17) Shannon Lea Smith, Wasootch-
18) Tabitha Jones, Gothic designs, Gothic Toggs-
19) Amy Row Art: illustrations-
20) Kirsten Edwards "KLeighE": Illustrations-
21) Nicola Pixiedesign:
22) Jessica Mendez:
23) Noelle Dunn:
24) Heather Crow Nelson: Knitted dolls, charity organization helping the military,,,

Glitter Art goes to Hollywood

Hello. I apologize for being a way for so long. I thank you for your loyal support. I've joined an organization that does celebrity gifting to Hollywood. "The IndiExhbit"
If you want to enhance your Brand by celebrity gifting- look up The IndiExhibit (Independent Exhibitors), international organizations of talented individuals to gaining exposure through Hollywood gifting during BIG Award shows as Golden Globe, Academy Awards, MTV, People's choice and more.
I created a personalized glitter art for actress "Evan Rachel Wood". Ms Woods stared in several Hollywood productions as The Ides of March, The Conspirator, True Blood, Whatever Works, to name a few. Ms Woods loves all thing relating to "Alice in Wonderland". I created "Paint the Roses Red", unique and fitting with multiple layers of sparkling glitter.
I will be participating in the American Music Awards as well.