About Artist

I created ArtisticWill Studios when I was a full time caregiver to my mother with Alzheimer's. To relieve my stress, I started painting with glitter by mixing it with a paint base and hand painting with a brush.  My mother loved things that sparkled.  When I painted she seem to have good days, and an unusual shimmer glowed in my art. Friends and family encouraged me to pursue a business making glitter art.  With the passing of my mother, I paint I remembrance of her and to share her love of things that shimmer.

My uniquely different hand painted keepsakes made with glitter paint on acetate. Each artwork has multiple layers of radiant colors of glitter creating an elegance shine with iridescent sparkle.  There may be slight variation due to the hand painted artwork and availability for glitter colors. The final product has a stained glass effect. Hope you enjoy my creations.