Interview by FlorenceWangDesigns
Artistic Will Studios creates “sparkling glitter artwork.”  Everything about that phrase appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities.  Developing a unique technique, every piece radiates in sunlight, creating a stunning statement.  It’s an effect that goes beyond the translucence of stained glass.  This medium works well with the themes and subject of the art.  Featuring nature (floral motifs, underwater settings) and inspirational themes, the creations are beautiful and motivating.
The inspiration doesn’t stop with the works.  Artistic Will celebrates all of life little moments – it’s a world full of abundance.  And that abundance is better when shared.  The Raining Gratitudes site was started for this reason.  People are invited to join this Ning community and speak about what they are grateful for.  Positivity spreads in so many ways. 
The mastmind behind Artistic Will speaks about art, inspiration and the things that make life wonderful.
How long have you making your creations?
About four years.  First, I made them for gifts, sold them locally, and started selling on line about six months ago.  It was a way to help with finances after my mom had her first stroke.  I love the sparkle of glitter; painting was a stress reliever during a difficult time.  I truly believe gratitude works wonders, I was thankful her health was improving and I was able to create beautiful glitter art. 
How did you come up with your technique?
I'd taken a class several years ago. It was a rubber stamping class that taught how to use glitter to create a stained glass effect.  I loved the effect of the glitter, but hated how the stamping would smear on the acetate and the mess of the loose glitter.  Working with much trial and error (mostly error), I came up with a better technique.  All illustrations are created on my computer, then glitter paints and a brush is used control the detail. 
I notice you use the ocean and sea creatures as themes in a lot of your work, do you have a particular affinity for the sea?
I just like the ocean and the sea. The ocean sea life creatures are beautiful, colorful and the images are very calming. 
Where do you find your inspiration?
I love nature and all of its beauty. There are so many references in the world around us: nature, flowers, birds, seasons, animals, the list can go on forever.
 What made you start your Raining Gratitudes community?
I’m a true believer that having gratitude helps make the world a better place.  People are less depressed or stressed, if they focus on all the good around them.  Being thankful help us realized how lucky we, how much we have, and how precious life is. 
Being positive has healing energy, compared to being negative energy that is very damaging. 
I wanted to make a site where people could share what they were grateful for in life, get FREE advertising by posting a link and photos of their craft.  Then friends could read these posts about Gratitude and see some creations by talented artist.   It’s still a work progress.
You can see more work by Artistic Will on Etsy or in person at the Whittier Art Gallery in Southern California, through September 27, 2009.